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How to unistall Microsoft Messenger

MSNshutdownMicrosoft Messenger

How to get rid of MSN Messenger?

UNINSTALL MESSENGER is a Freeware tool that will uninstall Windows Messenger on Windows XP platforms.

Finally, Microsoft discontinued Windows Live Messenger, also known as MSN Messenger, and shut down its service on April 8, 2013, the day the Iron Lady died.

Shared environment description

Shared environment description

All my PC’s are connected by an ethernet LAN with shared printer and Internet access. The Desktop PC is configured as a server to store common files and to perform some shared functions. Bear in mind that shared functions need more care and administration than a single user environment. Install and update software will need administration privileges. It is wise to logon regularly (at least once a month) with the Administrator Account to make sure updates are processed correctly (such as Anti-Virus and Windows updates). Some settings need tweaking to get it working in a multi-user environment. Finally, you also want to define perimeters for each user or share resources with as many as defined.

MS Office – How to insert a file in an excel sheet

How to insert a file in an excel sheet

Open the excel sheet where you want to insert the file (in this example a word file) and choose the cel where you would like to place the icon to open the inserted file.

1) Select in the Excel Program Menu: ‘Insert

2) In the Insert pull down menu, select ‘Object

this will open a new window with two tabs: ‘Create New’ and ‘Create From File


3) Select ‘Create From File’

in this tab you can browse for the file that you want to insert


4) In the ‘Create From File’ window are two options ‘Link to File’ or ‘Display as icon

flag the option ‘Display as icon’ and leave ‘Link to File’ blank


5) Once the ‘Display as icon’ is enabled, you can select ‘Change Icon

the ‘Change Icon’ button will open a new window which allows you to change the icon and the text


6) Validate with OK and the file will be inserted in the excel sheet with an icon.

You can still move the icon in the worksheet. When you double click the icon, it will open the file.


How to use the briefcase feature on XP

REPLICATION & SYNCHRONISATION SETUP between a Laptop and a Desktop:

Create a ‘briefcase’ for those files that you want to keep synchronised with the File server or your Desktop.

‘Briefcase’ is a standard feature in Windows NT and XP. Copy the files from the lan drive or shared folder on your Desktop to the ‘briefcase’. Work off-line with the files and folders in the briefcase. Anytime you connect to the File server or Desktop, you can synchronise the files and folders in your briefcase.

Note that the briefcase will also work between ‘local’ drives. In particular, to synchronise files with an external disk.

The only drawback is system performance and file sharing restrictions with some applications.

Briefcase Plus is a Freeware that also does the job.

Read more about this feature at Microsoft and WinPlanet.

Read also the PCSTATS Beginners Guide: Synchronizing Files and Folders

Tuning the Windows environment – Windows Genuine Advantage

Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA and/or OGA notification)

Even though you may have a legitimate copy of Windows installed or you did buy a license, it could occur that the Automatic Windows Update installs the WGA notification tool.

To remove this tool, check the following pages:

To remove Office Genuine Advantage notifications in XP and Vista, you may proceed as follows:

1) open the System32 directory of your %SystemRoot% folder

2) make system and hiden files visible in the folder options

2) locate all files that start with OGA (find files with the extension. Dll and. Exe) and rename the files (e.g. with extension .old)

3) locate the files ‘WgaTray.exe’ and ‘OGAAddin.dll’ and rename them (e.g. with extension .old)

4) reboot your PC

Nero Burning ROM

Nero Burning ROM

IMAGE RECORDER – no CD-burner found

Typically, this error will occur with Nero Express, when the CD-burner type mismatches with the OEM version. To fix this, remove the version and replace it with the OEM version shipped with the installed CD-burner.

No access to the CD-ROM:

If users on your system have been defined with restricted rights (i.e. no Administration rights), Nero Burning ROM (version 5.x and beyond) may not find the CD-ROM to burn. To fix this, change with the Administrative Tools (note: you need to log in as Administrator first), the Local Security Policy setting:

Restrict CD-ROM access to locally logged-on users only.

Local policy setting:



ASPI Drivers to access the CD-ROM:

It must be said, Ahead is providing one of the best supported ASPI drivers for W2k and XP:

Search for the ‘wnaspi32.dll’

Alternatively, you may try Adaptec:

Adaptec Windows ASPI Package Support Options

Need to know more about ASPI drivers? Bart will tell you.

Avid Cinema

The Video editing features of the Power Mac 6500/275 Creative Studio are based on the Avid Cinema and QuickTime products. The Avid Cinema card may cause conflicts depending on which Mac OS is used. Moreover, it depends on the QuickTime version installed. My recommendation is to work with Mac OS 8.5 or higher and to upgrade the Avid Cinema software to version 1.1.5. Be aware that the Apple Videoplayer uses the same resources and must be checked. Best experience I had with Apple Videoplayer version 1.7.x. You will find all these updates on the sites listed below (Apple and Avid).
ATI Chip
Conflicts with Mac OS 8.5
Upgrade your Avid Cinema software to version 1.1.5 and disable the ‘ATI Memory manager‘ extension.


Conflicts with Mac OS 8.6
Upgrade your Avid Cinema software to version 1.1.5 and disable the ‘ATI Resource Manager‘ extension. Apple Videoplayer 1.7.3 should be installed as part of your Mac OS installation.
My system currently works with these versions of software. The reference list of the active extensions can be downloaded (Dutch Mac OS version). You will also notice that I keep using QuickTime version 3.
Always disable Virtual Memory and keep the disk cache size to a minimum. In some cases you may need to enable the file sharing to capture video.


Conflicts with Mac OS 9.0.4 (reported by Dean Shepard)
This reports refers to  a 6500/300 with Avid cinema card.
“I have found that the Cinema card works ok with MacOS 9.0.4. Again you need to restore the AppleTelecom software to get it to work. However, despite having the VideoStartup v 1.7.3 extension, I can’t get the TV Tuner card or the FM Radio card to tune in at all.  May have to go back to Videostartup 1.7.2.  I installed MacOS8.0 on a separate disc (Orb 2.2Gb removable), upgraded up to OS8.1 whereupon both devices worked again. So it must be a software problem that needs rooting out.”


General comment:
Keep in mind that this system works with an on-board ATI Graphics Acceleration Chip (see picture above) for which ATI native drivers will not work.


Check out the following articles and sites for official documentation:



Mac OS – Office:mac 2001 support

Microsoft Office 2001 is the revamped version of Microsoft Office 98 for MacOS.

Conflicts with the Preferences files and the Install cach files (error type 11)

If you have problems starting an MS-Office application, just remove the Microsoft Preferences in the Preferences (Voorkeuren) folder of your System Folder (or drag them to your desktop for backup). Reboot the system and start Word. A new Microsoft Preferences folder will be created in your Preferences (Voorkeuren) folder of your System Folder. Have your Serial number (or registration card) ready to re-enter.

Conflicts with Norton Anti-virus 5.0 and 6.x (here’s looking at you, Guy)

File Open and Save functions in Word, Excel and Powerpoint will lock your system if Norton Anti-Virus (NAV) is enabled on your system. The workaround is to either disable the NAV extension, which gives you no protection at all, or to disable the scan function in NAV for ‘application run’ and ‘file open’. The application will not lock your system if you open a file directly from a folder (i.e. without first launching the application).

Detailed information is available from Microsoft.

Check out the following articles and sites for official documentation and software:

Mac OS – StuffItt Deluxe support

What WinZip offers to Windoowzz users, StuffItt does for MacOs users. If you started with StuffIt Deluxe 5.0 ,originally from Aladdin Systems, you can upgrade it. A free upgrade to 5.1.5 is available to registered users (have your serial# ready to instal). DropStuff and Expander version 6.0.x is available for PowerPC systems or higher. These upgrades are highly recommended if you experience problems with recently compressed files. They will coexist with your Stuffit Deluxe 5.1.5.