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Internet streaming outside country of origin

serveVPNExpats and globetrotters may share the challenge to watch their favourite programmes from home, while accessing the Internet from abroad. You will need a stable and high speed on the local Internet connection to make the VPN work.

These VPN solutions have done the job so far:

logoRTVE outside Spain on iPad and iPhone try ExpressVPN.

bbciplayeroutside UK on MacBook try NordVPN, PureVPN or ExpressVPN.

VRTsporzaoutside Belgium on MacBook and Windows 10 try NordVPN, PureVPN or vyprVPN.


Alternatively you can try streaming services:


FirstOne TV


If you have a router with DD-WRT firmware, read my post for VPN Clients use on the router.

Check for DNS leak test.

Read also the

Safer browsing on the Internet

privacy-cookiesSafer browsing on the Internet

If you are concerned about the ´behind the scenes´ of your Internet access, you may apply the following changes on your network:

– use DNS servers that block sites hosting malware, phishing schemes, and scams:

guidelines for using alternative DNS servers can be found on WikiLeaks

a list of Free & Public DNS Servers is published by

– install tools to detect and protect against web page trackers (scripts, pixels, and other elements):

here is a list of Browser Extensions that Protect Your Privacy

use Ghostery to control page trackers

Check your pc or mac for IP leaks and see what your give away on information: IP/DNS Detection.

File Transfer and Download Tools

File Transfer and Download Tools

To transfer big files, try

To extract sound or video, try

Note that all these sites are free services and you will have to agree with their terms and conditions for sharing your information on the Internet.

Protected: Narfum Hosting

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Belgacom Network

Belgacom Network Services

you may use these links to manage your Belgacom services:

Manage your internetaccount (temporarily connection)

Belgacom Web Install (modem drivers)

Is it safe?

Is it safe?

No matter the OS platform you selected, a good Anti-Virus scanner is necessary when you connect to the Internet. This especially applies when you exchange information with attachments. Always keep the virus scanner up-to-date. It’s good practice to, at least once a week, check for virus definition updates ! Check my ‘Best of Breed Software‘ page for freeware anti-virus scanners.

Do not participate in the computer virus histeria, rather consult a security guru or an expert. Beware of a hoax, many people like you to panic and to forward unproductive and alarming messages. Before you spread the news first find out the truth and check sites like Hoax-Slayer. Although much safer than a PC, also MACs need protection. Some folks (at give good advice for MacOS users.

Finally, if you have gone through these recommendations, you can check if all is safe with GRC’s Shields Up.


Check this post about security incident reporting.


Protected: Manual configuration of IP Addresses

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Time Server Synchronisation

Time Server Synchronisation

Windows XP, Vista and 7 have built-in support for Time Synchronisation with Network Time Protocol (NTP) public time servers.

Synchronizing with a NTP time server keeps your clock adjusted with high accuracy.

You will find the settings in the Date and Time Properties (see picture below – in Dutch):


Change the default server name ( by a server closer to your host or network (in this example:

Some ISP’s offer synchronisation with their own time server, which may offer the best performance. Here are some examples for Belgian ISP’s:

– Skynet (Belgacom):

– Tiscali:

– Telenet:

– UPC (Chello, TVD):

Alternatively, you can use


Corporate Network users (i.e. on a private network) may not be able to synchronise with public servers (because the ntp protocol is blocked) and should check this feature with their network administrator.

Unlike XP, Windows NT and 2000 have no built-in support for Time Synchronisation. ‘Dimension 4‘ is an excellent freeware, which can be used on all windows platforms that needs accuracy.

If the built-in Windows Time service (W32Time) does not function well, you can install  ‘NetTime’, a  simple time synchronization client. NetTime is a freeware Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) client for Windows and runs fine on XP.

EnterNet 300 support

EnterNet 300 support

To instal the PPPoE client EnterNet300 with an Alcatel ADSL modem, you may follow these steps:

  1. Save your TCP/IP configuration settings
  2. Disable your Anti-virus scanner software
  3. Unprotect the ‘System’ and ‘Programmes’ folders (untag the boxes in your General settings)
  4. Instal the EnterNet client software and reboot your system
  5. Create a TCP/IP configuration for your PPPoE client

Connection (Verbind) via ‘EnterNet’

Configure (Configureer) ‘via PPP-server’

DNS (Naamserver-adres) ‘’

This setup should make your system happy.

Note that this client does not automatically setup the connection. The error ‘EnterNet is not configured to automatically make a connection.’ will pop up if you have not started the connection manually before accessing the Internet. It does support ‘idle time out’ to automatically disconnect. More information about the EnterNet client is published on the ‘ADSL’ pages.